Organizing for Christmas

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Why do Christian women dread the Christmas season almost as much as they look forward to it?  (You know you do.) 

It’s all that work.  Sadly, your Christmas Spirit can easily be overshadowed by your holiday to-do list.

I prefer to give this talk in November (it is about planning, after all!), but I’ll happily come speak to your group about this in early December as well.  My holiday plan is to help the women of your group discover what clutters up their hearts at Christmas.  Then I’ll challenge them to use their holiday to-dos to grow closer to Jesus, by discussing:

• Why do we do what we do at Christmas?

• Not doing it all (gasp!)

• Choosing meaningful holiday traditions

• Planning ahead to extend the joy

• Contractual giving of time and gifts (not good)

• Prayerful giving of time and gifts (very good)

• Keeping the holiday season fun for our family members, and ourselves!

• Enjoying Jesus in December

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Read Organizing for Joyful Holidays, the handbook based on the talk!

Shannon gave us many practical and easy to implement ideas, and presents in such a manner that allows you to pick and choose the techniques that will work best for you and your family. Shannon’s love for her family and strong faith in God are ever present.

–Cindy, mom of three