Organizing Routines

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How do you do the things you do?  No matter how organized you are, your spirit can get cluttered with feelings of annoyance and frustration during certain parts of your day—the parts you can’t quite get a handle on.  With thought, you can intentionally instill a wonderful sense of stability and consistency in your home by creating great routines.

I’ll urge the moms in your group to identify those parts of their days that consistently trip them up, ruining their happy momentum.  Then I’ll challenge them to implement routines, or simply change their existing ones, in ways that will benefit their entire families.  We’ll discuss:

• The consistent home (as opposed to a boring one)

• Using checklists with your kids

• Routines as your kids grow

• “Target Times” verses a schedule

• Adding time cushions to routines

• Making your house routine-friendly

• Making routines fun

• Bringing the joy of the Lord into your home

Shannon inspired me to look with new eyes at some of the very basic pieces and parts of my day: the rhythms of my family’s life.  I was able to take her very practical advice and immediately implement it in my home and with my family!

 -Andrea, mom of three