Taking and Organizing Photos

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Moms are usually the ones in charge of taking the pictures, journaling about their growing children, and organizing it all so their families can enjoy the memories.  Our spirits can get incredibly cluttered with worries that we’re not doing a great job at this—and that we might be missing our chance!

“Organizing You: The Family Historian” is one of my favorite talks, and it just might be the most fun!  I’ll share with you some of my own documented memories (silly family photos) as I share my ideas about:

• Taking event pictures, “everyday” pictures, and pictures that actually have you in them

• How to remember to take the pictures you want to take

• Keeping up with your memory card and your phone

• Editing your pictures (hey, you are a great photographer!)

• Enjoying your pictures, online and in real life

• Different kinds of albums to try, even if you’re not a scrapper

• How Family Historian work is Heavenly, literally


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I loved Shannon’s enthusiasm!  I appreciated that Shannon shared how important it is to be our family’s historian and how that can look different for each mom.  I liked her practical tips, along with her more sentimental tips about capturing your memories.

–Melissa, mom of two