Time Management


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Time management is the cornerstone of all organization—after all, how can you clean out that closet if you can’t figure out when to do it?  And in terms of spiritual clutter, few things keep a mom’s mind and heart more distracted than persistent feelings of being in a hurry, or being too overwhelmed to get to the things that matter most in her life.

Our time here is a precious gift from God, and with intentionality and planning, you can make the most of that gift!  I’d love to speak to your moms’ or women’s group about:

• The sheer joy of having a planner

• Goal setting, but not in a cheesy way

• Realizing that some goals—even great, worthy Jesus goals—can wait

• Tackling goals in a realistic way

• Using your planner with a family calendar

• Prioritizing tasks so you’re doing what’s important to you

• Handling interruptions and bad days with grace

• What God thinks about our plans (no, He isn’t laughing at us)


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It was a blessing to hear Shannon speak.  Not only did I learn from listening to her, seeing it made me realize that this was something that I could do. After her talk, I was able to grow personally on my own as I read and reflected on the scripture references and questions she provided.

-Elizabeth, mom of two and teacher