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Are you a moms’ group coordinator who’d love to have me come speak to your ladies… if only you had a bigger budget?

Now you can discover what so many moms’ groups have already learned…

“The women of my group LOVED your video this morning! We had some great conversation and we are actually looking into doing your six week study this summer. Thank you again for sharing your video with us!”

-Dana Lewis, MOPS Coordinator in Solon, OH

“Another MOPS leader recommended your video meeting.  She said it was one of her group’s favorite meetings… The video worked perfectly and everyone seemed to really enjoy your talk.  I have already begun to implement some of your strategies and am excited to do more!  Some moms have expressed interest in doing your Bible study as well. Thank you for your prayers for our meeting today!”

Rachel Langham, MOPS Coordinator in Damascus, MD

“We are a very social group and sometimes videos don’t go over well with them, but after the first few minutes the room was silent and the women were engaged.  Afterwards they were very interested in the ideas and eight women signed up to complete a Bible study. Thank you so much!”

 -Cara Kipp, MOPS Coordinator in Central IL

“Shannon, thank you so much for all you do! 

Watching your video was like having you in the room with us.

-Anna McAfee, MOPS Coordinator in Coronado, CA

Moms’ Group Coordinators, please know that I’d dearly love to be in the room with you—I love to travel to beautiful churches and meet more of my wonderful sisters in Christ!—but I do understand that moms’ groups’ budgets vary.

If your moms’ group would love to hear me speak

but can’t afford to have me come to you,

then I’m excited to offer you my Organizing You Time Management Video!

I have an awesome meeting all ready for you.  The moms of your group will be able to sit back, relax, and enjoy my 50-minute Time Management talk, then they’ll participate in a lively group discussion with the accompanying handout as a guide.  By the end of the meeting, they’ll be ready to effectively manage their to-do lists and truly enjoy God’s gift of time!

Get the link and a ton of information about the Organizing You Time Management Video right here.

“I’m not generally a fan of video presentations so I was initially apprehensive about the video. Instead, I was blessed to learn ways to tackle my spiritual clutter. This was an unexpected blessing because I struggle immensely in this area. Shannon was easy to relate to as she shared useful tips and advice. More importantly, she make me feel like I’m not alone in my struggle to clear my heart and mind so I can focus on what matters most and show more grace when my day isn’t going according to my plan.”

-Desirae Dubisky, MOPS mom in Lakland, FL

“Thanks so much for praying for us. The feedback I got from moms was overwhelmingly positive! They loved the simple tips and tricks and seemed challenged to love their families and God more… so many moms have commented how it has reoriented their thinking and helped them to relax more.  My prayer is that this will help them to grow closer to Jesus. So thank you for the work you’ve put into this presentation and how easy you make it to show!”

-Emily Terricciato, MOPS coordinator in Lincroft, NJ

“Thank you for such a loving and practical presentation. I cannot wait to get started.”

-Kimberly Nugent, MOPS coordinator in Germantown, MD

Learn more and preview the Organizing You Time Management Video right here.

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This talk is intended for any Christian Moms’ group like MOPS, MOMSnext, Moms2moms, Momentum, and Moms of All Seasons.  Please note that I am not affiliated with MOPS International.

A very special thanks to the evening MOPS group of First United Methodist Church in Marysville, Ohio for allowing me to tape my Time Management presentation at their meeting!