Stop the Debate

Read it! John 18

Jesus answered, “…Everyone on the side of truth listens to me.”

“What is truth?” retorted Pilate.


Think it through

I imagine Pilate nearly snorting here—“Ha! What is truth?”—like it doesn’t exist… perhaps because I’ve heard that condescending tone before.

Perhaps you have, too.

When I’ve tried to discuss religion with a non-believer (in other words, when I try to share my joy in Christ with them), I’ve had people look me in the eye and tell me I’m elitist, close-minded, and conceited. How could I possibly think that Christians are right and everyone else is wrong? What is truth?

Here’s the thing: there is truth. The Earth and everything on it exists and came from somewhere. We are either here for a purpose, or we’re not. When we die, we either go somewhere, or we don’t. There is reality. There is truth.

Either one religion has it right and the rest are wrong, or we’re all wrong. Saying we could all be right isn’t a choice. You can’t have it more than one way. You can’t say everyone can believe what they want and still be right. That’s ludicrous.

I believe that God created everything, that He gave us purpose, and that if we embrace his son wholeheartedly we’ll live in heaven for eternity. Yes, that’s “just my perspective”—but I know it’s truth in every fiber of my being.

My pastor recently said that we’ll never debate anyone into a relationship with Jesus. What we can do is love people to the Lord. We can overwhelm them with a sacrificial love from a heart on fire for God.  We can show them unexplainable love that points to Jesus like a burning bush.


Live it like you mean it

Who in your life is trying to debate you about the existence of God or the veracity of Christian doctrine? Do you engage them in the debate, and if so, what’s been the result?

I’ve had several discussions like this with people who have been transient in my life (fellow college students, relatives of friends). Since I haven’t been in contact with them again, I hope that they’ve been “I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but it was God who made it grow” folks.

God recently brought a non-believer into my life for a time, but she moved away. I tried to be crazy love to her (she probably thought I was slightly crazy). She knew I was all in for the Lord, and she knew I was reaching out to her. Hopefully now someone else is watering that seed of love and God’s helping it to grow.

Whomever your unbeliever is, my challenge to you this week is to do something, anything, to love them extravagantly. I’ll be thinking of something special to send that gal in her new home…


Lift it up

Holy Spirit, please work in the hearts of those who don’t know or understand the Good News of Jesus. Help their hearts and minds to open. Let my extravagant love for them reflect only You. Let my burning heart for them cast light on Your love. Give me wisdom and creativity as I seek to be Your hands and feet to them. Amen.


Tell Me About It

In what ways have you shown extravagant love to non-believers? I could use some ideas!!

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