Suffering for the Savior

Read it!: Acts 9

But the Lord said to Ananias,

“Go! This man is my chosen instrument to carry my name before the Gentiles

and their kings and before the people of Israel.

I will show him how much he must suffer for my name.”

(vs 15&16)


Think it through:

From what I can tell, being God’s chosen instrument is rarely an easy thing. In Tarsus, Saul clearly thought that he was being God’s instrument. Saul probably thought he was suffering for the Lord when he left his home on the journey to arrest more “heretical” Christians.

But then God showed Saul how much he would really suffer for His name. While physically blind, Saul had time to see how spiritually blind he’d been.   In those three days when he wasn’t seeing, drinking, or eating, he must have realized that life as he knew it was over. It was time to start suffering for a different name: Jesus.

Am I willing to suffer for the name of Jesus? I believe that God has chosen me as a very small instrument to carry a very specific message to my sisters in Christ. I’m now in a season of diligent work on my second book. I’m filling my schedule with time for writing and editing. I’m trying to surrender my worries about the end result. I’m also dealing with a health issue that’s making my work time even more challenging. Far too often I find myself resisting the amount of work and fretting over the things I have to surrender.

But truly, even as I type this I can see how very little suffering God is asking of me!


Live it like you mean it:

How is God using you as His instrument? What “suffering” (discomfort, embarrassment, time commitment, or actual suffering) comes along with your call? Make a pledge with me today—let’s refuse to complain about our suffering, no matter how big or small!


Lift it up:

Jesus, I want to be Your instrument in this world and I know that it’s not an easy task. You never promised that it would be. I will endure these hardships and many more for Your name with no complaints on my lips. Lord, please help me to stay true to that pledge! Amen 


Tell Me About It:

I’d love to hear how you are an instrument for the Lord!

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4 thoughts on “Suffering for the Savior”

  1. Shannon, a long time ago my husband suffered a brain virus…but God spared him! He had a near death experience and it has been very tough for him through the years to overcome the thought that God “didn’t wan’t him”….then, as I tell him. He also had a personality change which at times is a little hard. But as you said, God calls us to be an instrument, an instrument of peace, joy, comfort, teaching, wisdom,….there are so many small and little things God ask of us. Thank you for reminding me, it is He who ask this of me, and He ask this for His good and the good of His kingdom.
    I pray for your work dear sister, with the strength of Jesus help. Amen Love tammie

    1. Thank you so much for your words and your prayers, Tammie! You are so right, He asks things of us for His good and the good of His kingdom. And sometimes for our good as well. May God bless you as your serve Him each day!

  2. Complaining has been a real issue with my kids lately. I’ve been trying to figure out why it is such an issue. It is modeled by my husband and I, it is on tv, it is in school…..we are really trying to take a stand in our home on teaching to be joyful in our hearts with our mood not being dependent on our circumstance. Complaining surely gets in the way of God using us as His instrument.

    1. I’ve been thinking a lot about complaining, too… we aren’t supposed to complain at all, but it’s so easy to do. I am thinking about taking another 30 day no-complaining challenge—that sure stretched me the last time I tried it!

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