The Closet Clean-Out

How is what you’re wearing right now affecting your spirit? 

Maybe you’re in your jammies, all comfy and cozy.  Maybe you’re dressed for work, classy and confident.  Maybe you’re home with the kids, pretty and prepared for the day.  On the other hand, what you’re wearing may have you feeling frumpy, frazzled and frustrated.

We don’t fully enjoy each day when our spirits are cluttered with doubts about our outfit and general appearance.  Christian women want to be happy and confident about what we’re wearing so our joy in Lord can shine through!  But for that to happen, we have to get rid of the “just OK” clothes in our closet—those clothes that are distracting us from the great outfits we can put together.


Here are a few questions you should ask yourself when you’re sorting through the clothes (and shoes and accessories!) in your closet:

• Does it fit well?

• Is it still in style?

• Is it in great condition?

• Would I spend money to buy this again?

 Do I feel great in this?

 You might answer “no” to one or more of those questions and still feel reluctant to let an item go.  You’re still attached to something that isn’t right for you… but why?


Now’s the time to toss those thoughts that keep you from looking your best.  

Maybe you’re experiencing…


Emotional Attachment

You feel like can’t get rid of an item for an emotional reason, whatever that may be.  Do you have pictures of yourself in that outfit that will keep the memory alive without the actual garment?  Can you feel the emotion for a moment, and then let the item go?  If not, make it special by storing it in a pretty box on a high shelf so it won’t distract you or block your view of clothes you really want to wear.


Monetary Attachment

You spent too much on something but never wear it.  Oh the spiritual clutter—the guilt, the frustration, the embarrassment about making a bad decision!  That clothing is still costing you—draining your heart’s peace when you see it hanging there.  Forgive yourself, vow to do better, and let it go.  Consider resale so you can get a little of the money back, or donate it and know that another daughter of God will be blessed to have it.


Body Image Attachment

You’re keeping clothes that don’t fit you, “just in case.”  In most moms’ closets there are clothes that fit their bodies right now, and then there are the clothes that are plus or minus a size or two (or five) on either side of that.

“Fat clothes,” clothes that are too big for you, are distracting.  If it’s a really nice item, get it altered to fit, or review what I just said about monetary attachment and give it away.  If you’re keeping bigger sizes in case of a future pregnancy, store them separately from your everyday clothes.  And if you’re keeping your fat clothes in case of weight gain, toss them.  Nothing makes me say “no thanks” to a chocolate dessert faster than the knowledge that my pants are snug and I have nothing else to wear.  Don’t give yourself that out.

“Skinny clothes,” clothes you can’t fit into but would like to, can put painful pressure on your spirit. Now, it’s great to have a goal outfit—hang it up in a special place if it will motivate you.  Fill up your spirit with your skinny jeans (Soon I’ll fit into those!), but don’t keep an entire wardrobe of stuff you’re too big to wear mixed in with your current clothing options.  Pack those skinny clothes up on a high shelf so they won’t bring you down.  Decide to look and feel good exactly how you are now.  If you’re not thinking about how fat or skinny you are, the people around you won’t be thinking about it either.  They’ll be seeing you.


“This Will Do” Attachment

That last question—does this make me feel great?—is a doozy.  We can get stuck in The Land of “This Will Do” Clothes.  Ladies, you are God’s precious, beautiful daughters, and you’re worth more than “this will do.”

As easy way to take your wardrobe up a notch is to “downgrade” your clothes—wear the same clothes in a more casual way.  You could downgrade a dress that isn’t right for work events anymore by wearing it on a “date night” with cute shoes and casual jewelry.  Maybe a blouse isn’t right for church anymore, but would look cute with jeans when you get dressed for your next playdate.  If an outfit isn’t good enough for playdates anymore…

Wait!  That’s it, let it go!  You only need one outfit for painting or gardening. Don’t keep “scuzzies” for when you’re hanging out at home—you’ll end up running to the store and you will run into someone you know.  At the very least, you’ll see your family!  Friends, don’t bring your own spirit down with a dumpy, frumpy feeling—feel good whether you’re leaving the house or not.   Choose to look cute just because you see you and it will lift your spirit.


As women, we have so many options, so many ways to express ourselves through our clothing—getting dressed shouldn’t be a chore, it should be fun!  Clear out your so-so items so you can focus on your great clothes, the ones that make you feel beautiful and valuable and loved by God and your family.  Organize them so you they’re visible and accessible, and when you get dressed in the morning, your spirit will be uplifted!


Giving Thought to Your Ways (a la Proverbs 14:8)

  • Are your clothes just OK, or do they make you feel great?
  • Are you keeping clothes you know aren’t right for you?
  • When can you set aside some time to sort through your clothes?


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