The Mary of Homemaking

“Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her.”

Luke 10:42

I identify way too much with Martha of Martha-and-Mary fame. If you don’t know their story, then you can read about these lovely ladies in Luke 10. It’s a true story about two ladies, their chores, and their Lord.

Mary decided to stop doing her chores in order to sit at Jesus’ feet. She made herself be still, just soaking up Jesus’ presence and learning what He was trying to teach her. I truly admire Mary. She chose the best thing. Martha didn’t.

Like me, Martha was distracted by the need to do the chores. I’m sure she felt even more driven after Mary opted out—no wonder she was worried and upset! Those disciples were always complaining about something, and I bet they wouldn’t have been too happy without a hot dinner and a nice place to sleep. Especially Judas, what a fusser he was. Someone had to cook and clean and wash the sheets, and if Mary wasn’t going to help, it was all on Martha.

So what was Martha supposed to do, just drop everything and sit? Yes, actually. I mean, Jesus was in her house, and that time with Him was more precious than she could possibly have imagined.


Our time with Jesus is just as important.

Daily, we need to take time away from our work. We are to bask in His presence, to be still and know He is God. Even Jesus took time apart from His work, retreating to quiet places to pray (Luke 5:15-16). We don’t want to get so caught up in doing things to clear out our spiritual clutter that we forget to surrender our spirits to the one who is the author of true peace.

Where is your retreat? When do you take the time to stop doing for Him and be with Him?


Take the Challenge:

Create your Jesus space. Choose a chair or another place where you’ll be still and know He’s God each day. Get a kitchen timer or make a peace jar (you can learn more about that in Your Free Guide to a Vibrant Family Faith). This week, try just five minutes a day of sitting still and basking in His presence… not even praying or reading The Word, just sitting with Him.


Then, how do you get back into running the good race, fighting the good fight? Come back next Monday for Part Two: The Martha!


What’s your favorite way to be still and know He’s God?  I’d love some new ideas!

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