The Me I Want to Win

 “He has only human strength, but we have Yahweh our God to help us and to fight our battles.”

II Chronicles 32:8


Recently I came upon my youngest, Oliver, playing a game of Klask by himself. (If you’re unfamiliar with Klask, think of it as a small air hockey or fuse ball table.) There he was, sitting on the side of the game table, with one hand playing each side.


“Look, Mom!” he called out. “I’m playing against myself, and the Me that I want to win is winning!”

I laughed and thought, Of course you are! Your little hands are in control, and you can swing the points to any side you choose. Then I was brought up short by my own thought.


So often we’re fighting inward battles like my little guy, with one foot on either side of the line. When it comes to the spiritual clutter of negative feelings, we’re often playing a game against ourselves.

And it’s worth asking ourselves, which “Me” do I want to win?  Well…

The Me that wants not only to forgive but to forget.

The Me that wants to be generous with my time and energy, not be selfish and stingy.

The Me who wants to let go of sadness and embrace God’s peace.

The Me that wants to give my worries to the Lord, not grab them back and stew on them some more.


As hard I as play for this Me, the other Me is still in the game. The Me who wants to hold on to bitterness, guilt, sadness, worries, and selfishness—and Satan seems to be other Me’s coach.

The good news is, God is our Coach. And let’s face it, the game is stacked against that other guy. Our God is also the Ref, and He made all the rules!

Our Coach says to us, Let me help you, let me teach you. He coaches us through His word. His Holy Spirit gives us strength and guidance for each play.

Jesus was here.  He played the game Himself, and He gave us the perfect example of how to choose the winning Me: choose the humble one. The Me that says, “Not my will, but Your will be done, Lord.” The Me that isn’t about me, but is all about Him.


When it comes to the spiritual clutter game, even if the final buzzer hasn’t sounded, you know who will win. When you trust in God, the Me you want to win will be victorious.


Thoughts to fight:

I’ll never be able to let go of this. I’ll always feel this way. It’s just who I am.


Thought shot:

With God’s help, I can choose the Me I want to win!


For more about writing taking your thoughts captive and winning against anxiety, read my first book, Organizing You.

Special thanks to my sweet Oliver for inspiring today’s post, and for giving me a new Thought Shot.

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