The Shoe-Lover’s Guide to Organizing

“…and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace.”

From the Armor of God verses, Ephesians 6:10-18

I love shoes.

“Shoe” was my first word. The story goes that I didn’t talk for a long time and my parents were starting to get a bit nervous. Then one day on the changing table, my mom was putting shoes on my little feet. I pointed at one and said, clear as a bell, “shoe.” Seeing Mom’s delight, I went on to point out “sock,” and then “foot”… and basically they haven’t gotten me to stop talking since.

Note that “shoe” started the avalanche.

I do love shoes, but when I clean out my wardrobe, they’re often a neglected section. By the time I’m done with the clothes, I don’t have much energy for the shoes…. and then they all start looking like keepers. Been there?

So, why not take a look at your shoes, on their own, today? Here’s a step-by-step way to organize your shoes following my “Clean Out, Fill Out, Lay Out” wardrobe plan:


1. Toss the obvious “No’s.” The ones that are falling apart, and the old, out-of-style ones. This should be a quick step and make you feel good… you’re doing it!


2. Look at the remaining pile and take out the less obvious “No’s,” the shoe bummers that give you spiritual clutter. Usually these are the shoes you like but never actually wear.

The problem with shoe love is that it can mask spiritual clutter, like the first bite of something yummy with a bad aftertaste. I can look at a pair of wonderful, bright, shiny heels that make me feel sassy and joyfully think, “Keepers!” But when push comes to shove, I know that I don’t wear them.

What clutters your spirit about the shoes you aren’t wearing? Maybe you know deep down that they’re actually uncomfortable, or they give you a blister within minutes. Maybe you feel too young or too old for them. Or you spent too much money on them and you feel guilty. Perhaps they just never look right with your clothes—how frustrating! Let them go, let them go, let them go.

OK, if they’re truly awesome shoes, you can take them shopping with you to find something just as awesome to wear with them. But this will be hard work. You must not settle for anything clothing makes you say, “Well, this will do.” (If you’re not that dedicated to the shoes, then let them go.)


3. Once you’ve decided on your keepers, refresh and repair them. Wipe then off, then use a little shoe polish or even a marker. Use some foot spray or powder if necessary (War Room opened my eyes to this). Sew a seam; use hot glue. But remember, if you can’t fix them, let them go.


4. Fill in what you need. Make a short list of shoes you need to replace, plus the basic pairs you might need to make your unworn outfits a “go,” and then go shopping. Not for the rush of spending, or for quantity—just to fill out your wardrobe and thus give what you already have more value.


5. Find a happy home for them. In our house, this is a shoe basket by the door for our everyday shoes, and shoe shelves in my closet for my special occasion shoes. You could put an over-the-door shoe organizer in your bedroom closet, hall closet, or mudroom. Out-of-season shoes can go on a high shelf or under your bed.


6. Finally, when you’re filled with joy just looking at those lovely shoes all in a row, pray over where they’ll take you. The way shoes support our feet can be a spiritual reminder. Pray that you’ll walk in the steps of Jesus and His will for you. Pray that each time you don a pair of your shoes, you’ll fit your feet with the readiness that comes from the Gospel of Peace. Pray that God will keep your feet from slipping. Pray that you’ll lean on Him for support as you trudge through the tough times, and lift up praise as you skip through the good times.


Enjoy your shoes and treat your feet well as you walk along God’s path for your life. May God bless your journeys, my friends!


Shannon, Organizer and Shoe Lover (should I maybe add this to my bio?)


For more about clearing the clutter out of your spirit and organizing your wardrobe with Jesus, check out Organizing For a Wonderful Wardrobe: An Organizing You Handbook!

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