The Sunday Conundrum

The Sunday Conundrum: Ode to Logic, Commitment to Lord

(Today I’m letting my math nerd self shine through!)


Most Sunday mornings, I face the conundrum. Sometimes I start wresting with my duality of mind on Saturday night—even as early as Friday afternoon.

It’s a dichotomous pondering: To work, or not to work.

Sunday is a day of rest; it’s not a complex idea. Nor is it a supposition, it’s an absolute.


Remember the Sabbath Day by keeping it holy.

-Exodus 20:8


At our house, Sunday is a day of rest for the complete set of Uptons. We attend church together, lunch together, and then do whatever gives us joy until dinner. We allow minimal screen time from Monday through Saturday, so the kids spend most Sunday afternoons hanging out in the basement, attached to their WiiU remotes. And so it correlates that I’ll usually have at least three whole hours of complete and total “concentration time.”

And here’s the paradox: I can’t blog. I can’t think long and deep about what the next steps for this ministry are. I can’t ponder or practice my talks. I can’t write anything.

These things are all equivalent to “work” for me… nothing related to this ministry comes naturally or easily! It’s all an extreme deviation from “rest.”

Yet my willpower fluctuates like a sine curve. I need to do all of those things during times of quiet concentration… which seems insufficient during the week… and which exists in a big abundant block every Sunday.

It’s circular reasoning, me trying to solve an inequality. My logical mind keeps coming back to the conundrum, trying to find a loophole.


We can all contemplate this quandary when breaking one of God’s laws seems like a really, really good idea to us. But what we’re actually hypothesizing is this: we know better than God does.

It’s empirically painful just to type that! How could we postulate that we’re greater than the Creator of the universe?

I trust God with everything, yet I worry the work won’t get done if I don’t work on Sundays. I believe that God wants the best for me, yet I’m tempted to work through my Sabbath almost every week. Maybe Satan knows this is one of my weakest spots, vulnerable to attack.

So, I’m going to ready my best argument…


Lies to fight: I’ll never get this done if I don’t do it on Sunday. I won’t be able to relax if I don’t get this one thing done.


Thought shot:  God says I need the break. Working is not an option. I’m ready to rest in Him.



How do you handle the Sabbath Conundrum?

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