Unexpected Organizing: Morning Routines

Welcome to the third post of my Unexpected Organizing series!

My goal is to help you clear out some spiritual clutter as you make your home as functional as possible. We want to fill our home with joy and peace, not stuff!

Nothing brings peace to a home like a smooth morning routine. God’s mercies are new in the mornings (Lamentations 3:22-23), and because of His graciousness we as moms can set a new tone with our families each morning.  We want to get everyone out the door with happiness, not fuss. Today’s post is about little ways you can use organization to smooth out the “getting ready” process.

Getting ready starts in your bathrooms and bedrooms—and it usually starts with us, moms! So I’ll start sharing our Upton morning routines in my bathroom…

I’ve shared before that I use a silverware drawer organizer to store my make-up. I have my make-up lined up in the order I use it, from moisturizer to mascara. Everything for lips (pencils, glosses, balms, and sticks is in its own little section on the side because I don’t use those until after I brush my teeth.


On the days when I feel like trying a Pinterest hair-do, I keep bobby pins on a magnetic strip on the side of the drawer, making them very easy to grab.



I keep clear plastic hair bands in old baby-food containers that I can easily pop open with one hand.



And now, on to my daughter’s room… I store her hairbands in a different way (they’re so much more colorful than mine!). For years I’ve kept her hair bands, barrettes, and clips in ice cube trays in her top dresser drawer (another system that allows you to grab them easily with one hand while you’re holding hair in place).



To make it easier for my kids to pick out clothes for the day, I put away their clothes in little outfit bundles. I lay out the top, put the pants (and any other outfit pieces) on the bottom half, then fold the top half over them. I do this as I’m folding the laundry, so it isn’t any extra work.

(Note: I realize that this wouldn’t work if you have a kid who loves to mix and match. My kids are pretty happy having standard outfits, so it works for us.)


I stack them in their drawers, always putting the clean clothes on the bottom of the stack so the stuff they haven’t worn recently rises to the top. (You can read more about top-to-bottom storage in Building Your House!)

Just a few tweaks can make getting ready in the morning a little bit easier!


Take the Challenge:

  • What are your getting-ready routines?
  • What slows you down in the morning?
  • Are your getting-ready spaces over- or under-organized?


Watch out for:

Did you notice that my systems involve kitchen-type stuff in the bedrooms? Don’t let a “should” limit how you organize! You can use anything anywhere, as long as it works well for you.

Just watch out for systems that are too hard for you, or your kids, to maintain. If you’re not going to put your make-up back at a certain place in a divider tray, just use a basket. If your child isn’t likely to use a divider to rainbow-sort hair bands, just let them loose in a small drawer! You have to do what will work for you in order to make everything smoother in the morning.


Tell me about it:

What are some ways that you make your getting ready time smooth and peaceful? I’d love to hear your ideas!


For more inspiration about setting up great routines for you and your family members, check out my second book, Building Your House.


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