Wanting More and More and More…

Read it! Psalm 42

As the deer longs for streams of water,

So I long for You, O God.

(vs 1)

Think it through

The scrapbook I purchased had a “nature” theme (for those of you who are wondering, it’s a K&Company Smash I purchased at Michaels, my veeeeerrrrry favorite store). What sold me on that particular book was that one of the pages had a deer on it. Perfect for Psalm 42:1—and I’d already decided that I definitely wanted to include that verse!


“Seek Him. Every day, make it a habit. ‘Look to the Lord an His strength, seek his face always.’ –Psalm 105:4 You will find: Hope, Comfort, Strength, and Peace.”


I wish I could express to my kids much I hunger and thirst for God—for time with Him, for His word, for more of Him in my life. If I skip devotions or fail to turn my thoughts to Him in prayer, I start to feel off… wanting, uncomfortable, and wanton. Life loses its sweetness.

I feel so much better—peaceful, contented, satisfied—when I seek Him in prayer, both formally and informally.


“’Pray Continually.’ –I Thessalonians 5:17 Does praying continually sound too hard? Not so. It’s just living in God’s presence, or so says one of my favorite Christian writers, Bother Lawrence. He served in a monastery kitchen in the 1800’s and talking about living in the presence of God, being in a continual conversation with Him.”


I also feel better—centered, grounded, and loved—when I’ve spent time in The Word. That’s pretty much what this blog is about for me!



Live it like you mean it

How do you feel when you’ve been distracted from the Lord for a while? Do you long for more of Him?

I’d love to challenge you to think of one thing that makes you feel very connected to the Lord (time in prayer, time in The Word, time in song, time in nature) and dedicate time for that every day for the next seven days. Schedule it on your calendar, or write it in your planner, and make it a top priority. And each day, keep a little record of how you feel.

You don’t have to feel super awesome. You may go into a time with the Lord feeling sad about something and come out still feeling sad about it. But hopefully you won’t feel alone… and you’ll feel like you want more tomorrow, or even later today.

I’m going to spend extra time with The Word this week, because I love it so much.   And I’m going to really think about how it refreshes me!


Lift it up

Heavenly Father, I long for more and more and more of You in my life. Please let Your Word me near to me and Your Spirit dwell within me every moment of every day. May I awaken longing for Your presence and go to sleep resting in it. Thank You for refreshing my spirit with You. Amen.


Tell Me About It

How are you going to spend time with the Lord this week?

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