When We Hate the Truth

Read it!: Amos 5

You hate the one who reproves in court

And despise him who tells truth.

(vs 10)

Think it through:

Amos had so many terrible things to point out to the Israelites about their behavior and lifestyle. In Chapter 5, he talks about how Israel’s legal system was in trouble. Bribes and injustices were common. “One who reproves in court” is a person who is trying to be honest and seek justice. Apparently they were in the minority.

Amos himself was despised for telling the truth. The Israelites certainly didn’t want to hear his message of sure destruction without repentance. The truth can be hard to hear, and even harder to give to a hostile audience.

Where am I struggling with hearing the truth, or telling it? I hate to hear that I’ve made a bad decision that’s hurt someone, or that my attitude needs adjusting (you know, those subtle hints from loved ones that I’m being cranky or prideful or generally out of line). And I do have a hard time speaking the truth in love when I know the other person will undoubtedly be upset with me.


Live it like you mean it:

When do you struggle with hearing the truth? When do you struggle with sharing it? Spend a few moments asking for the Lord to bring to mind any truth about yourself that you’ve lately dismissed. Then listen for a truth you need to share that you’ve been holding back.

I can think of at least one truth I need to share in love and not frustration. And the next time my kids call me cranky, I’m going to try to adjust my attitude rather than denying it.


Lift it up:

Lord, please help me to love honesty and truth. Please give me wisdom about my words and the Godly ability to speak the truth in love. I ask You to pour out Your spirit upon my tongue so I can speak to please You only. Amen.


Tell Me About It:

How did your truth-telling go?

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