Why Not to Trust My Planner Pages

Some trust in chariots and some in horses,
    but we trust in the name of the Lord our God.

Psalm 20:7


OK, the New Year is right around the corner and I’m super, duper excited to be able to offer you the official Organizing You Planner Pages—for free! (You can learn all about how awesome they are right here.) Basically, with the help of my wonderful publisher, I was able to create a unique planner system for those of us who are asking God to make the true plans.

Which is exactly why you can’t fully put your trust in them.


I read this quote in my old Franklin Covey planner pages (which I loved): “When your activities are in concert with your highest priorities, you have a credible claim to inner peace.”

This is a pretty good action plan—do what’s important to you, and you’ll be happy. But their plan for inner peace is missing the most important component.  (Hence the “credible claim” phrasing.)  You know I love my OY Planner Pages, but I won’t tell you that they’re going to give you inner peace, either.


As Christians, we know that inner peace cannot be accomplished with any planner system, not even a super cute planning system with scripture on every page (ahem). Setting our goals and managing our time—even according to our deepest priorities—will not give us the peaceful hearts we desire. We cannot earn that kind of grace. Only God can grant us the peace for which we yearn.

When David wrote the verse above he was heading into battle.  He was placing his trust, not in the biggest weapons of war as it was fought in his time, but in the Lord. We can do the same. In a way, we go to battle with this world every day. We battle with our spiritual clutter…

  • Some trust in planners and calendars, but we trust God to direct our choices.
  • Some trust in belongings and beautiful homes, but we trust God to provide for us.
  • Some trust in pediatricians and pharmacies, but we trust God to heal us.
  • Some trust in locks and alarm systems, but we trust God to keep us safe.
  • Some trust in compliments and “likes” on Facebook, but we trust God for our worth.


Now, of course we’ll utilize those things that will actually help us. Didn’t David use horses and chariots as he rode into battle? Of course he did. But we understand that our trust, hope, and security are not placed in the things of this world; we hold those things loosely and we turn our hearts to God, our Father, who loves us so.

He is in total control of our lives. We can rest in the fact that while we’re doing our best to love and care for our families, He is doing a perfect job loving and caring for them. We do what we can, and we trust God to take care of us in a way far superior to our own.

So, get those OY Planner Pages—they are one fantastic chariot!—but prayerfully choose to give God the reigns.


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