Will You Invite Them In?

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.

John 10:10 


As I speak and write, I hear people make many statements about organizing—and often they’re the same things over and over. This is one of the most common:

“My house is such a mess I could never have anyone over.”


This breaks my heart. I address this very comment in my talk about party organization (Christian Hostessing). Basically, I share my opinion that:

  1. The people who love us don’t care what our house looks like.
  2. The people who are critically judging our homemaking skills… well, they probably need to get closer to Jesus, so we need to invite them on in and share our faith!


I’ll never forget one woman who walked up to me after this talk, quoted me to myself, and then asked, “Do you actually believe that?” She obviously thought I was very, very naïve. I replied, “Yes, actually, I do.”

I still do.

You may disagree with me here, and that’s OK. You can think I’m wrong, or that I’m too perky… I just want to make you think about Jesus.

So I’ll direct you to Him in this matter, too: Imagine that Jesus is knocking on your door—not the door to your heart this time, but the door to your actual house.

Would you be ready to let Him in?

He knows about the busy life you’re leading. He knows that clutter is a part of running a home and raising a family.   He wouldn’t judge you for the amount of stuff you have in your home.

I think He would judge the amount of room it’s taking up in your heart, though. (Just ask the Rich Young Ruler.)

Jesus came that we might have life and have it to the full! Not the fullest homes, but the fullest hearts. We want to fill our hearts with peace and love and fun and relationships with God and other people… not worries about our stuff.

If Jesus knocked at your actual door, would you let Him in? I hope so! I hope it would be a lovely, welcome, amazing visit!

In fact, I hope any unexpected guest would be welcomed at your door. If you won’t invite people over because of the amount of clutter in your house, then you could be inhibiting the work the Lord wants to do in your home and through your home. You are tearing down your own house.

That’s spiritual clutter, and my goal is to help you clear it out.


Take the challenge:

What do you need to do to make a surprise visit to your home a joyful one? Choose a room, or even a sitting space, that you’ll choose to keep ready for an unexpected visit. Then do what you need to do to be able to welcome a visitor into that space with a relaxed heart.  When taking this challenge, give yourself the grace you would give to others and the grace Jesus gives to you. Your space doesn’t need to be perfect—not even close—just ready to welcome a visitor on your front stoop. Bonus points if you take the initiative yourself and invite someone over!


Where in your home do you most often welcome company?  I’d love to hear your ideas today!

For more about relaxing your heart and opening your door, check out my handbook, Organizing For Christian Hospitality!

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