You Can’t Handle This

Read it!: Amos 2

The swift will not escape, the strong will not muster his strength,

The warrior will not save his life.

The archer will not stand his ground, the fleet-footed soldier will not get away.

And the horsemen will not save his life.

(vs 14&15)


Think it through:

I think you’d agree that no one can escape the wrath, rules, or judgment of God. Self-sufficiency is an illusion. We all depend upon God every day, and we’re all accountable to Him at the end of each one.

However, we live in a very permissive society. Sometimes we start to feel as though we’re above God’s laws, or they don’t really apply to us. We stray into the gray areas because we think we can handle it. Amos 2 makes it abundantly clear that we can’t make our own rules and exceptions as the Israelites did, thinking we’re going to get out if it because we’re smart, strong, or in control. God gives us consequences to our actions and we will have to face them.

What gray areas do I stray in, thinking I can handle them despite what God commands? Inappropriate entertainment (movies, books, TV, music) comes instantly to mind.

Just today I heard an advertisement on the radio for a book that’s known for its sex scenes. I changed the channel immediately and thought, I won’t read that, it’s gross. But I also thought, If I did read that, I could handle it. It wouldn’t hurt me. I just don’t want to support it.

Not true.

God told us to stay away from those things because He knows the cost, beginning with feelings of longing, anxiety, or sadness.


Live it like you mean it:

What gray areas do you stray in? Are there any books, movies, songs, or other pieces of entertainment that you need to remove from your home? Take a look around your house today and throw out those things that pollute your spirit.

God tells us to dwell on things that are good and pure and lovely. I need to watch what I’m allowing into my mind. I’m taking that walk through my home this afternoon.


Lift it up:

Lord, I’m sorry for the things I’ve let into my mind and heart for the sake of entertainment. Please create in me a desire to keep my spirit pure and full of You, good and pure and lovely. Amen.


Tell Me About It:

How did it feel to toss your thing in the trash? I’d love to be encouraged by your bravery!

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